The vision of CoLAB TRIALS is to create a unique framework of excellence in clinical research.

The ambition of this CoLAB is to compromise relevant players (e.g. SME, Healthcare Units, Universities, Biotech/Pharma Industry, IT, medical and IVD devices companies, patient associations) to work towards the common objective of strengthening multidisciplinary team’s skills in clinical research, particularly experimental studies (clinical trials) and optimize the storage and access to harmonized health information and produce real time and real-world data.

Our mission is to leverage the clinical research and health products development to increase innovation in the health sector, in strategic areas as medical devices, IVD devices, biomarkers validation, advanced therapies and personalized medicine.

Our strategy is based on 4
major pillars:
To Strengthen and promote knowledge and specialization in trials methodologies to trigger the clinical development of new health technology products from Start-Ups/SME.
To exploit and optimize stored health information producing real time real world data for sharing and reuse according to FAIR principles and GDPR.
To disseminate clinical trials relevance and results throughout the community tailored to specific group characteristics.
To provide innovative solutions to conduct clinical research while empowering teams in clinical trial management.

CoLAB TRIALS will be managed
considering a system for value delivery,
ethical principles and values.

in all the actions, communications and
everybody as we would like to be
to guide our work as we guide our lives.
to strenghten team work and engage
to ourselves and to the organization.

José Germano de Sousa


César Fonseca

Universidade de Évora

Inês Alves


Fiscal Council

MC Godinho & Associados
Sociedade de Revisores Oficiais de Contas, Lda.


Carlos Galamba (CHLO)

President of CoLAB TRIALS’ Administration Board

Executive member of the Administration Board of CHLO

President of the Committee for the Personal Data Processing, CHLO

President of the Local Committee for Clinical Digitalization, CHLO

President of the Support Commission for the Operational Intervention Program for the Environmental
Prevention of Legionella, CHLO

Degree in Business Management and Administration, UCP

MSc in Art History (Curricular component) – Universidade Lusíadas

PADIS – Programa de Alta Direcção de Instituições de Saúde, Associação de Estudos Superiores de Empresa (AESE) Business School

Health Economics & Health Technology Assessment  Training Program – Scuola di Direzione Aziendale dell’Università Bocconi (SDA), School of Management , Milan

Francisca Leite
(Luz – GLSMED-Learning Health)

Executive Director, Hospital da Luz Learning Health
Director of Training, Research and Innovation, Luz Saúde
Invited Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UCP
Member of the Dean’s Board at the Faculty of Medicine, UCP
Non-Executive Board Member at UpHill, SA,
PhD in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics, MIT BSc in Engineering Physics, Instituto Superior Técnico

Hélder Dores (NMS)

CoLAB TRIALS Administration Board Member representing NMS|UNL

Researcher at CHRC|NMS|UNL

PhD in Clinical Research (NMS|UNL)

Invited Assistant Professor at NMS|UNL

Coordinator of the Clinical Cardiology, Sports Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation at Hospital da Luz Lisboa

Cardiologist at Human Performance Department of the Sport Lisboa e Benfica

General-Secretary of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology (2021-2023)

Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology

Cardiology Consultant

Aeromedical Medicine Competence (Portuguese Medical Association)

Military Medicine Competence (Portuguese Medical Association)

Medical Doctor Degree (NMS|UNL)

Manuel José Lopes (UÉvora)

Full Professor and Director of the S. João de Deus School of Nursing of the
University of Évora.

Member of the Management Council of the University of Évora

Director of the Doctoral Course in Sciences and Technologies of Health
and Welfare

Researcher at the Comprehensive Health Research Centre and member
of its Board of Directors

Member of the Board of Directors of CoLAB Trials

Member of the Coordination of the Portuguese Observatory of Health

Member of the General Council of the NHS Foundation

Vice-President of the Portuguese Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology

Former Coordinator of the Reform of the NHS for the Area of
Integrated Continued Care

Maria José de Sousa (CML-GS)

Medical Doctor, Clinical Pathologist (MD)

Doctorate in Medicine (PhD) (NMS)

Owner and Chair in Grupo Germano de Sousa;

Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Teaching Department, Chief of Education Department, Chief of Quality Department, Head of Immunology and Autoimmunity Department Head of Pre-Natal Department at Centro de Medicina Laboratorial Germano de Sousa

Elected President of Portuguese Scientific Society for Clinical Pathology

Invited Professor of Integrated Master in Medicine (MIM) of NMS-UNL

Head of Laboratory Medicine Curricular Unit of Integrated Master in Medicine (MIM) (3o year) of NMS-UNL

Coordinator of post-Graduation in Laboratory Medicine (1st to 5th Edition) of the UCP (Portuguese Catholic University)

Head of Curricular Unit “Regulation and Integration” in Master in Medicine (MIM) (1st year) of Catholic Medicine School

Researcher in “EASI- European Autoimmunity Standardization Initiative”

Author/Co-author of 30 scientific published papers in the area of autoimmune diseases, prenatal screening, NIPT, immunology, microbiology.

Filipa Costa (APIFARMA)

Managing Director at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson (Portugal)

Vice-President of the Direction of APIFARMA

Business Development at Janssen (Italy 2014-2016)

Sales & Marketing Director at Janssen (Italy 2011-2014)

MBA, INSEAD (France)

Chemical Engineer, UP

Elsa Frazão Mateus (EUPATI-PT)

President of the Board of EUPATI-PT (European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic

Innovation – Portugal), President of the Board of LPCDR (Portuguese League Against Rheumatic Diseases),
Vice President of EULAR (European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology) PARE,
EULAR Board member,
Patient Research Partner at EULAR and at LPCDR

Patient Expert in Research & Development of Medicines at LPCDR and EUPATI-PT

EUPATI Fellow Research Member of Comprehensive Health Research Center|NMS|UNL (CHRC)
PhD, Anthropology, UL
MPhil,  Social and Cultural Anthropoloy, UL


Catarina Madeira

Executive Director, CoLAB TRIALS

Researcher at CHRC|NMS|UNL
Clinical Research Manager at NOVA CRU/NMS/UNL (2020-2021)

ECRIN European Correspondent for Clinical Research in Portugal (2015-2019)

Researcher at Institute for Biotechnology and Bioengineering (IBB, IST, UL) (2005-2015)

Collaborator as Lecturer in different MSc, PhD and Post-graduation courses at NMS|UNL and Créteil University, Paris (since 2016)

Author/co-author of 30 scientific publications in Advanced Therapies and Clinical Trials management.

Project Management Professional (PMP), PMI®

PhD Biotechnology, IST, UL

MSc Biotechnology, IST, UL


Diogo Pinto


Cooperation and Funding Manager, CoLAB TRIALS
Involved in the preparation of & 50 proposals for European and Portuguese funding programs over
the last 4 years (10 as coordinator), with > 10 projects approved (3 Europeans as coordinator),
attracting > 7M€ in funding
Project and Customer Manager, LandraTech (2022)
EU programmes manager, Fasttrack Action (2021-2022)
Senior Project Manager, A4F Alga Fuel (2018-2021)
Author/co-author of 3 scientific publications in R&D of Advanced Cellular Therapies
PhD Bioengineering Systems, IST, UL (2018)
MSc Biotechnology, IST, UL (2013)

Fábio Lampreia

Research and Innovation Manager, CoLAB TRIALS
Project Manager/ Scientific Analyst on novel technologies, products, and marketing opportunities for
major Biotechnology companies – PreScouter, Inc. (2019-2022)
Teaching Assistant at Cardiff University (2020)
PhD in Biosciences – Cardiff University, UK (2019)

Researcher assistant at University of Trento, Italy (2014-2015)
MSc in Biotechnology –  Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal (2014)

Anna Braga

Capacitation Manager, CoLAB TRIALS
Clinical Manager – Sleep &Respiratory Care PHILIPS APAC, Singapore; (2021-2022)
Clinical Specialist – ARTICARES Robotics, Singapore (2019-2020)
Clinical Researcher at Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences – University of Stellenbosch,
South Africa (2016-2018)
Philips Respironics Fellowship in Mechanical Ventilation from the American Respiratory Care
Foundation; New Orleans, LA – USA (2012)
Clinical Researcher at the Clinical and Translational Physiology Unit (Prof Mamede de Carvalho
Lab) – Institute of Molecular Medicine – University of Lisbon, Portugal (2011 – 2019)
PhD in Neurosciences – Faculty of Medicine – University of Lisbon – Portugal (2019)
Masters in Palliative Care – Faculty of Medicine – University of Lisbon – Portugal (2010)
Academic/Professional Equivalence to Degree in Physiotherapy – School of Health Technologies
of Lisbon- Portugal (2001)
Specialization in Locomotor Systems – Escola Paulista de Medicina – Federal University of São
Paulo – Brazil (2000)
Degree in Physiotherapy – Faculty of Physiotherapy – Federal University of Pernambuco – Brazil
Publications in peer review scientific journals on topics related to Non-Invasive Ventilation,
Exercise, Telemedicine and Education of patients and caregivers.

Jorge Neves

Digital Transformation Manager, CoLAB TRIALS

Visiting Assistant Professor at NOVA Information Management School of Universidade Nova de Lisboa
(2009 – Present).

CEO/Founder of Ithaca, Évora, Portugal and Mobnetics, Lisbon, Portugal

Senior Manager at Novabase Business Intelligence, Lisbon, Portugal
(2003–2007), Tactical Intelligence unit manager.

Partner at Novabase GeoInformação, Lisbon, Portugal (2002–2003).

Product/Project Manager at PT Multimedia/SAPO (1999–2002).

CEO/Founder of Imersiva, Lisbon, Portugal (1997–1999), later acquired by Novabase.

Virtual Reality Laboratory Researcher and Manager at GASA – FCT/UNL, Monte de Caparica, Portugal (1993–1997).

Researcher at INESC (1992–1993) and UNINOVA (1989-1992).

As a talented professional, what to expect from CoLAB TRIALS?

You will have the opportunity to integrate a dynamic and motivated team of qualified professionals in different areas of the clinical trials field, where the key word is Collaboration.

With a remarkable sense of team spirit, we will provide you continuous training and networking opportunities with different experts focused on bringing innovation and competitiveness in healthcare within Portugal.

If you identify yourself with our core values and are motivated to participate in a new organization focused on bringing innovation to clinical trials, you should contact us (, sending your CV and a motivation letter and/or apply if any position is opened.


CoLAB TRIALS will enhance a dynamic environment in clinical research, triggering the establishment of competitive partnerships within European
Funding Opportunities. Starting from the existent expertise and multidisciplinary, CoLAB TRIALS will focus on the cooperation, value and competencies creation within the Health Sector, namely on 4 areas of clinical research: digital transformation; research development & innovation; capacitation of clinical team and community literacy.